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Welcome to the tour of UC-MindSolutions the Award-Winning Therapy and Sports Psychology Centre located in Paisley near Glasgow. This friendly centre is unique as it was created as a one-stop shop for helping people to improve their life. Please watch the video-clips below to find out how we can can help you.


The UC-MindSolutions centre is unique for helping clients make mental and physical changes as it contains everything you need under one roof. It contains various Therapy rooms, a Weight Loss room, a Massage room, an Interactive CBT area and a Gym.

Please watch the video-clip below to take a Tour of UC-MindSolutions and find out how we can help you.

We can offer both children and adults a variety of support services for a range of issues; including one to one support, or group-work sessions if they prefer.

The various therapy rooms available within the centre complement the mixture of therapists that work here. This means we can treat a wide variety of issues from addictions, weight loss, stress, anxiety, phobias, and sports performance.

Our therapy rooms are specifically designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable to help inspire you to make the changes you want.

In these rooms we carry out sessions with clients using the PILAR change program which was developed at the UC-Mindsolutions centre and which uses aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT), neuro linguistic programming (or NLP), hypnotherapy, counselling and sports psychology to help clients make the life changes that they want.

At UC-Mindsolutions, we carry out a lot of work centred on fitness and weight loss. Therefore we have a specialised weight loss room which provides clients with further dietary, nutritional and physical activity advice, as well as access to products which can aid with weight loss.

Clients can either decide on having one to one sessions with a weight loss expert, or if they prefer they can also participate in our weight loss group program. Clients will be motivated by our previous success stories to reach their personal goals. We also have a massage room, for clients who wish to de-stress through muscle relaxation, or for clients who require deep tissue sports massage.

The UC-Mindsolutions centre also contains a gym area, which is available to our clients who wish to make changes which include increasing their physical activity and fitness levels or to aid with weight loss and stress management. The gym is equipped with a wide array of equipment for all levels of physical ability.

The first session is always free and Clients can can come in to the centre and book appointments at the reception area, or you can take a tour of the building (see the first video clip above).

For more information, or if you have any questions about UC-MindSolution, then feel free to ask one of our experts for a callback. Or if you wish to book the first session, which is always free, then just give us a call.

RS Testimonials

Alan was great to work with, and helped me so much mentally in the way I approached my fight and the way I was able to focus during it. He helped me exorcise a few demons and that gave me much more belief.
, Paisley
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