Pilar Change Program

At UC-MindSolutions we can exclusively offer our clients the PILAR change program, since it was developed within the centre and has been shown to be one of the most effective programs for producing very quick and easy results with a variety of issues that clients wish to change about their lives. We help clients beat addictions such as smoking, drinking, gambling and drugs. We also help clients lose weight, manage stress and pain, increase motivation, overcome anxiety, depression or phobias, and improve sports psychology performance. These great results of the PILAR change program can be seen in all our media articles and the features of our work on SKY health TV.

The PILAR change program is so successful that it has often been featured on TV and in national newspapers, as well as used in academic courses, a few examples of which are shown throughout the video-clip below.

The P in the PILAR program stands for Personalised.

All our sessions are tailored individually to you and the change that you personally want to make. This means that PILAR sessions are designed to specifically motivate you as much as possible, to help you make changes quicker and easier.

The I in the PILAR system stands for Imagery.

The PILAR program uses imagery, relaxation and visualisation techniques, to store new personal images deeper in your mind. This is important because it helps you to really imagine what the change THAT YOU want will look like and all the benefits that it will bring. This helps you too become more determined and confident to keep going to get the result that you know you want and can now get.

The L in the PILAR system stands for Linked.

The PILAR change system links cognitive therapy to behavioural therapy.
This means that each session is interactive and more enjoyable, so that you will learn new ideas along with new behavioural tools. These will help your brain to make quicker and easier links between new ways of thinking and behaving.

The A in the PILAR system stands for Active.

Each PILAR session teaches you an active technique to take away as a tool to use everyday. These active techniques engage more of your brain, which means that our clients find it easier to store new ideas, therefore you make changes and feel benefits quicker than with traditional therapies.

The R in the PILAR system stands for Repetition.

Research has shown that to make a new change become a habit, then the brain needs to keep repeating it for at least 4 weeks. Each PILAR session is taped onto an MP-3 player and you receive this free of charge. This gives you an easy-way to repeat listening to your personal sessions, to help your brain store the new ideas quicker. More importantly this means that you will now able to keep the change going easier, to become a new daily habit.