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Please watch the video-clips above to see how UC-MindSolutions and the PILAR Change program can help you.

Each PILAR program is carried out as a 6 session package. This package includes a free MP-3 Player given to every client, which is used to record all the sessions onto. This ensures that all our clients can repeat listening to their sessions, in order to make it easier and quicker to get results.

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26 Macdowall street | Johnstone PA5 8QL


For more information, or if you have any questions about UC-MindSolution, then feel free to ask one of our experts for a callback. Or if you wish to book the first session, which is always free, then just give us a call.

RS Testimonials

Alan attempts to re-programme peoples mind during stop-smoking therapy sessions at the Paisley Clinic. These techniques have been proven to be successful, and its amazing how they help you get the same feeling of having a cigarette.
, Paisley
UC Mindsolutions