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Pilar Sports Systems

At UC-MindSolutions we use the PILAR Sports Performance Psychology program, as it has been shown to be quick and effective at producing sporting improvements to Motivation, Focus, Determination, Controlling Sports Stress and Anxiety and Managing your Physiological State before and during a performance. All of these psychological improvements help our sports clients to perform to their optimal best and as consistently as possible.

Please watch the video-clips below to see how the PILAR Sports System has been used consistently by professional sportsman to improve their Sporting performance.

The PILAR sports program was first created and used within the sport of Boxing in 2007.

Since the it has been successfully used by professional and amateur sportsmen in the fields of Football, Golf, snooker, Darts and athletics.


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RS Testimonials

My first son was born after 36 hours of painful contractions that even an epidural anaesthetic injected into my spine failed to ease . When I found out I was pregnant again, then my husband who is a nurse recommended that I go and see Dr. Alan Curley for pain-relief therapy treatment. I learned how to relax and he taught me self-hypnosis to give me the confidence to control and cope with the pain’. I then sailed though an 8 hour labour, and there was no pain.
, Paisley
UC Mindsolutions