About Us

Please watch the video-clips above to see how UC-MindSolutions can help you.

The staff who work within the centre all come from a variety of backgrounds. including cognitive and behavioural therapies or CBT, Hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming or NLP and counselling. we also have professional sports coaches and physical trainers. This is why we can offer both children and adults a variety of support services for a range of issues.

We have various therapy rooms available within the centre which compliment the mixture of therapists that work here. In these rooms we carry out sessions with clients using the PILAR change system which was developed at the UC-MindSolutions centre and which uses aspects of Cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT), neuro linguistic programming (or NLP), hypnotherapy, counselling and sports psychology to help clients make changes that they wish.

Most of the therapy work carried out in the centre is focused around, addictions (such as smoking, drinking, weight loss and drugs), as well as, stress and pain management, motivation issues, phobias and sports psychology. The UC-MindSolutions centre is unique for helping clients make mental and physical changes as it contains everything you need under one roof. It contains various Therapy rooms, a Weight Loss room, a Massage room, an Interactive CBT area and a Gym.

Each PILAR program is carried out as a 6 session package. This package includes a free MP-3 Player given to every client, which is used to record all the sessions onto. This ensures that all our clients can repeat listening to their sessions, in order to make it easier and quicker to get results.