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Training Courses Available

Do you want to become a better therapist and help people easier and more effectively?

Would you like to learn the PILAR behaviour change system which has been hailed in the media and sports world?

We currently offer 7 different one day certificate courses.

The weekend Courses are:

  1. Certificate in PILAR Sports Psychology Performance program
  2. Certificate in PILAR Resilience building
  3. Certificate in PILAR Motivational influencing techniques
  4. Certificate in PILAR helping clients to stop smoking
  5. Certificate in PILAR helping people lose weight
  6. Certificate in PILAR stress and anxiety management
  7. Certificate in PILAR Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy

For more information, or if you have any questions about UC-MindSolution, then feel free to ask one of our experts for a callback. Or if you wish to book the first session, which is always free, then just give us a call.

RS Testimonials

Dr. Curley has greatly improved my mindset, I have become much more focused and tougher mentally. He has taught me to control my emotions and stay in the zone.
UC Mindsolutions